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Tempest Series

Last week I was  walking through a clients newly purchased loft  admiring the 15' ft high ceilings and the way the sunlight forced it's way through the sky light to create the most interesting patterns on their beautifully preserved hard wood floors.  I also could not help but
notice the immense amount of wall space covered in the most uninteresting shade of egg shell white.  

Then I thought of Lisa Ariotti an artist who's work I was introduced to a few months ago while visiting Lisa Sternheim in The Bright Group showroom.Lisa is originally from New Jersey but has traveled throughout Europe and the United States. She is in one word "AMAZING" creating art of different size canvases consisting of splashes of color and pattern, intense brush strokes and a few teaspoons of emotion, passion and fun.

What makes her process even more special is the instillation experience. You start by purchasing one of her selected canvas series, then Lisa actually comes into your space. talks with you about the experience you would like her art to create, selects the wall she believes will create that experience and assembles the purchased canvases consisting of different shapes and sizes into a custom arrangement  specifically for your space.

What an amazing experience !!!!! perfect for my clients eggshell walls :).

To learn more about Lisa Ariotti please visit :

Black and White Series

Autumnal Series

Monocrome Series



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